The Power of Principle

Not all heroes wear capes. This week’s guest, author of The Voluntaryist Comic Series ( demonstrates just how easily the thin razor of principle slices through political bullshit like a hot knife through…. well, bullshit. From the ridiculous “libertarian fascism” sub-movement to the political hysteria du jour, learn how principle can be your guiding light … Continue reading The Power of Principle

The Philosophy of Property Rights

By: Daniel Engerer The concept of property is incredibly important to human society. What is Property? The concept of “property” is the idea that an object or piece of land “belongs” to a certain person or group of people, and these people have the “right” to use force to exclude others from using, occupying, touching, … Continue reading The Philosophy of Property Rights

Anarcho-Fascism? Tackling Tactics with Love, Life, and Anarchy

The liberty movement has no doubt become divided within the last 1 to 2 years. While some choose to stand by the timeless non-aggression principle, many prominent figures have been calling for a departure from principle in order to avert supposed short-term disasters. Some even openly advocate for Fascism. How can this be? Join Flagship … Continue reading Anarcho-Fascism? Tackling Tactics with Love, Life, and Anarchy

Anarcho-Communism Scrutinized

Not all self-proclaimed anarchists are capitalists. In fact, anarcho-communists reject capitalism vehemently. Clearly, “AnCaps” and “AnComs” can’t both be right. Is property theft? Is capitalism voluntary? Is profit exploitative? Dive into the rabbit hole of philosophy with Danny boy and repeat guest “The Pholosopher” for an examination of this alternative anarchic concept.

FF028: Spontaneous Schooling in the Third World

Almost ten years after publishing his seminal work called The Beautiful Tree, Professor James Tooley joins Michael on the Flagship to talk about the ever stunning phenomenon of low-cost education spontaneously appearing in third world countries all over the globe. The most remarkable thing? They outperform government run schools! The two dig into the professor’s research … Continue reading FF028: Spontaneous Schooling in the Third World