Is Profit Exploitative?

By: Daniel Engerer A popular economic mantra of the political left is that “profit is exploitation”. Specifically, this idea means that for profit to occur (and for a business to even survive), workers must get “scammed” (by their capitalist overlords) out of a portion of the value that they created. In other words, profit (or … Continue reading Is Profit Exploitative?

FF027: Civil Rights and the Pro-Life Movement

Think the anti-abortion movement was always the religious right’s reaction to feminism, civil rights, and sexual liberation? Think again. History is written by the winners and on 1973, pro-abortion advocates won a landmark case that earned them the presumption to rewrite history in a way more suitable to their interests. But what if I told you … Continue reading FF027: Civil Rights and the Pro-Life Movement

Arguments for State Legitimacy Rebutted

By: Daniel Engerer In society, only that which is perceived as legitimate is enforceable. If people view an institution or act as immoral, they will naturally view it with outrage and, if practical, even forcibly resist it. Conversely, if people view an institution as just, then they will generally leave it alone. This is especially … Continue reading Arguments for State Legitimacy Rebutted

Taxation is (Definitely) Theft

By: Daniel Engerer “Taxation is theft!” remains the ubiquitous battle cry of right-libertarians and voluntaryists the world over. If there’s one phrase that sums up the thrust of their movements, TIT is IT. But…is taxation theft? This question is easy to answer. Definitions All we must do is determine whether or not taxation falls within the … Continue reading Taxation is (Definitely) Theft

FF026: Profit is Exploitation

Michael takes the offensive once again to attack Danny on his views that the all powerful invisible hand of the free market can solve the ailments of the world. Find out whether Danny has what it takes to defend against criticisms of capitalism like profits as exploitation, labor mechanization, child labor, and monopolies in our … Continue reading FF026: Profit is Exploitation

FF025: Real Heroes of Venezuela

“I usually tell my American friends that they take their liberty for granted because when we have liberty, we have everything, and we just don’t care. And it’s just about time, you know? It starts very slow, like a cancer. And when you know you have it, it’s too late. I’m talking about socialism.” Danny … Continue reading FF025: Real Heroes of Venezuela

FF024: Nations of Sanity

When Michael is away on a ski trip, Danny has a long-awaited conversation with listener and free society advocate Matt Sands. Danny and Matt review Matt’s “Nations of Sanity” proposal, a fellowship agreement for a free society that he claims can offer more clarity to the NAP. They also review a whole laundry list of … Continue reading FF024: Nations of Sanity

An Anarchist Walks into a Public Access TV Station…

With what must be the premise of an eye-rolling political joke, Michael is interviewed on a public-access television program called “Tough Talk with Taros” about Anarcho-Capitalism. In the thirty-minute interview, we talk about the basic tenets of the ethics, private solutions for public services, political activism, and more!

FF023: The Extreme Activism of James V. Baker

Danny and Michael are split in their opinions on the recent actions of gun activist and voluntaryist James V. Baker, who entered a Dearborn, MI police station armed with two firearms, a ski mask, body armor, and a camera to file a complaint. We have James on the program to talk about the incident, learn … Continue reading FF023: The Extreme Activism of James V. Baker

FF022: Black Guns Matter

With Danny off doing more important things than co-hosting our podcast, Michael rides solo in a conversation with Maj Toure, founder of Black Guns Matter. Maj sets the record straight on why we need firearms, how to responsibly own them, and debunks many common myths surrounding them. BGM Facebook BGM Swag Maj on Twitter FBI … Continue reading FF022: Black Guns Matter