FF027: Civil Rights and the Pro-Life Movement

Think the anti-abortion movement was always the religious right’s reaction to feminism, civil rights, and sexual liberation? Think again. History is written by the winners and on 1973, pro-abortion advocates won a landmark case that earned them the presumption to rewrite history in a way more suitable to their interests.

But what if I told you that before Roe v. Wade, the anti-abortion movement was once built around a diverse coalition of New Deal Democrats, Catholic Liberals, and African Americans? 

In the first of a multi-part examination of the practice of abortion through the lens of libertarianism, Michael talks with Professor Daniel K. Williams of the University of West Georgia about the untold history of what eventually became the pro-life movement.

  1. Defenders of the Unborn
  2. NYT Review of Defenders
  3. Daniel K. Williams

One thought on “FF027: Civil Rights and the Pro-Life Movement

  1. Have just listened to 25 min. so far, but hope to get back to this soon.

    I am still in touch on a mailing list with the other members of an SDS-led campus anti-Vietnam War movement, and just recently, since it was particularly relevant to the discussion going on among us after last Nov.’s election, I tried to sell the pro-life view to them as being of a piece with the ideals we had all cherished in standing up for the Vietnamese. I quoted from the NYT review of Williams’s book and from this review:


    (Sorry to say I have not yet read Williams’s book itself.)

    One woman on the list at least wanted to hear me out, but no one else. Another woman said she was “offended,” one guy said I was “prattling,” and the topic was soon banned.

    Still I may find some way to talk to those people again, and in this podcast I’m hoping to find further relevant material. Thanks!

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