Monthly Archives: January 2017

FF021: Libertarians Hate Children?

Danny and Michael recruit Peaceful Anarchism’s Danillo Cuellar to take on the infamous chapter 14 of Ethics, a portion of Rothbard’s philosophy dealing with children’s rights that has received a considerable amount of attention since its publication. Along the way, they touch upon Kinsella’s body/property ownership distinction, Child Protective Services, spanking, and animal rights. Peaceful Anarchism … Continue reading FF021: Libertarians Hate Children?

FF020: When Morals Clash With Career

Danny and Michael invite Raeford Davis, a former cop turned critic of the drug war, onto the Flagship to talk about his experience on the force that led to his shocking realization of the malfeasance committed every single day by his own brothers in blue. Raeford’s Twitter Law Enforcement Action Partnership (LEAP) Blue Enmity “Murder in the … Continue reading FF020: When Morals Clash With Career

FF019: Your Political Spectrum Sucks

Danny and Michael discuss the failures of the single axis left-right spectrum to adequately map contemporary American politics. By introducing multi-dimensional mapping, the two believe the way Americans currently look at the nominal differences of left and right can be fundamentally altered to reflect real political differences. The distinction is as radical as B&W versus color! Nolan Chart … Continue reading FF019: Your Political Spectrum Sucks

FF018: The Racist Border Wars

Danny is back to join Michael and our guest, The Asian Capitalist, in a journey into the murky ethics of immigration from a Libertarian perspective. They also briefly touch upon nationalism and the possible dangers that it poses to a free society. The Asian Capitalist Blog Hoppe’s controlled border writings Singapore’s nanny state

FF017: We Can Protect You Better, Part II

Here is the conclusion of the remarkable conversation Michael has with Commander Dale Brown of Threat Management Center. In this episode, we talk about the common objections against private security, hear more fascinating personal anecdotes of Brown’s more than twenty years experience, and how we can change existing structures to follow more successful models such … Continue reading FF017: We Can Protect You Better, Part II