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Anarcho-Communism Scrutinized

Not all self-proclaimed anarchists are capitalists. In fact, anarcho-communists reject capitalism vehemently. Clearly, “AnCaps” and “AnComs” can’t both be right. Is property theft? Is capitalism voluntary? Is profit exploitative? Dive into the rabbit hole of philosophy with Danny boy and repeat guest “The Pholosopher” for an examination of this alternative anarchic concept.

FF023: The Extreme Activism of James V. Baker

Danny and Michael are split in their opinions on the recent actions of gun activist and voluntaryist James V. Baker, who entered a Dearborn, MI police station armed with two firearms, a ski mask, body armor, and a camera to file a complaint. We have James on the program to talk about the incident, learn … Continue reading FF023: The Extreme Activism of James V. Baker