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FF026: Profit is Exploitation

Michael takes the offensive once again to attack Danny on his views that the all powerful invisible hand of the free market can solve the ailments of the world. Find out whether Danny has what it takes to defend against criticisms of capitalism like profits as exploitation, labor mechanization, child labor, and monopolies in our … Continue reading FF026: Profit is Exploitation

FF019: Your Political Spectrum Sucks

Danny and Michael discuss the failures of the single axis left-right spectrum to adequately map contemporary American politics. By introducing multi-dimensional mapping, the two believe the way Americans currently look at the nominal differences of left and right can be fundamentally altered to reflect real political differences. The distinction is as radical as B&W versus color! Nolan Chart … Continue reading FF019: Your Political Spectrum Sucks

FF013: Michael Challenges the Meme

John Q Public AKA Michael challenges Danny on the omnipresent, almost obnoxious internet meme, “Taxation is theft”, by throwing some of the most common and effective arguments at him. Does Danny rise to the challenge and defeat John Q’s malevolent onslaught? Join us to find out! John Rawls Best Taxation is Theft memes

FF012: Statist Bingo #1

Danny and Michael engage with the first barrage of frequently asked questions about a free society by tackling issues like poverty, human goodness, racism, monopolies, and more! If you have questions that you want to ask for the next Statist Bingo, you can bet we’re interested. Head to our contact page and email us your stumpers. … Continue reading FF012: Statist Bingo #1

FF008: Desert Island Econonomics

Danny and Michael visit desert island to learn about the basics of economics, play with coconuts and mangos, and explore why capitalism naturally follows if one accepts the tenets of voluntaryism. Non-excludible good is the term that Michael was fishing for that refers to the concept of a public good. Scientists convert C02 to ethanol … Continue reading FF008: Desert Island Econonomics

FF005: Property, Properly Put

“Property Boy” Danny and Michael plunge deeper into the fascinating world of Libertarian ethics and discover that everything is property rights. It is important to note that several leading philosophies have been proposed to solve the issue of property rights that we did not completely depict in this podcast episode. Locke substantiates his property claims … Continue reading FF005: Property, Properly Put