FF005: Property, Properly Put

“Property Boy” Danny and Michael plunge deeper into the fascinating world of Libertarian ethics and discover that everything is property rights.

It is important to note that several leading philosophies have been proposed to solve the issue of property rights that we did not completely depict in this podcast episode.

Locke substantiates his property claims through the mixed labor theory which has been criticized by some for opening the door to intellectual property. Rothbard through Mises supports an occupancy and mixed labor theory. Finally, Hoppe develops the idea that the best way to claim property is through first use and embordering, that is using definitive or publicly seen representations delineating the borders of the property that a claimant owns. For more information on property right ethics, please see the very detailed work of Stephen Kinsella found here.

In later episodes, we are certain to discuss these issues further. As always, email us with questions when you have them about this very important topic!