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The Philosophy of Property Rights

By: Daniel Engerer The concept of property is incredibly important to human society. What is Property? The concept of “property” is the idea that an object or piece of land “belongs” to a certain person or group of people, and these people have the “right” to use force to exclude others from using, occupying, touching, … Continue reading The Philosophy of Property Rights

FF021: Libertarians Hate Children?

Danny and Michael recruit Peaceful Anarchism’s Danillo Cuellar to take on theĀ infamous chapter 14 of Ethics, a portion of Rothbard’s philosophy dealing with children’s rights that has received a considerable amount of attention since its publication. Along the way, they touch upon Kinsella’s body/property ownership distinction, Child Protective Services, spanking, and animal rights. Peaceful Anarchism … Continue reading FF021: Libertarians Hate Children?

FF005: Property, Properly Put

“Property Boy” Danny and Michael plunge deeper into the fascinating world of Libertarian ethics and discover that everything is property rights. It is important to note that several leading philosophies have been proposed to solve the issue of property rights that we did not completely depict in this podcast episode. Locke substantiates his property claims … Continue reading FF005: Property, Properly Put