FF026: Profit is Exploitation

Michael takes the offensive once again to attack Danny on his views that the all powerful invisible hand of the free market can solve the ailments of the world. Find out whether Danny has what it takes to defend against criticisms of capitalism like profits as exploitation, labor mechanization, child labor, and monopolies in our latest episode of the Flagship!

  1. Free Market and Job Safety
  2. Forgotten Facts of American Labor Laws
  3. Living Economics, a great book on the fundementals of economics
  4. Sweatshops: A Way Out of Poverty
  5. Child Prostitution in Bangladesh
  6. Sex, Science, and Profits, a non-fiction on evolution and progress towards free market economics
  7. V-1 “flying bomb”
  8. Nazi medical research
  9. Nazi human experimentation
  10. America poaches Nazi scientists
  11. Soviet Re-animation experimentation