FF028: Spontaneous Schooling in the Third World

Almost ten years after publishing his seminal work called The Beautiful Tree, Professor James Tooley joins Michael on the Flagship to talk about the ever stunning phenomenon of low-cost education spontaneously appearing in third world countries all over the globe. The most remarkable thing? They outperform government run schools!

The two dig into the professor’s research leading up to the publication of his book, what he has discovered since, and his brave new endeavors in a first world country!

  1. The Beautiful Tree
  2. Tedx Talk with Professor Tooley
  3. “Low-cost private schools WON’T work”
  4. “Low-cost private schools WILL work”
  5. Imprisoned in India

One thought on “FF028: Spontaneous Schooling in the Third World

  1. Professor James Tooley explains that one of the hurdles to implementing his plan for low-cost private schools in 1st world countries to get the approval of the board of education. The first thing I thought about was the Department of Education in the United States. To get this past them would be quite the feat considering it goes counter to their incentives. Why would they allow a competitor that would undoubtedly crush the current system to even enter the playing field? Great show!

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