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FF009: A Tale of Two Cities

With a Donald Trump presidency in our future, Danny and Michael complete the panorama sketch of the nascent American socio-political landscape by examining in-depth the always vocal, often amorphous movement known as the alternative right. Below are links to some of the video and editorial content that Michael reviewed in preparation for the discussion. Some … Continue reading FF009: A Tale of Two Cities

FF008: Desert Island Econonomics

Danny and Michael visit desert island to learn about the basics of economics, play with coconuts and mangos, and explore why capitalism naturally follows if one accepts the tenets of voluntaryism. Non-excludible good is the term that Michael was fishing for that refers to the concept of a public good. Scientists convert C02 to ethanol … Continue reading FF008: Desert Island Econonomics

FF007: An Antidote for the Poison of Politics

As a post-Halloween treat for helping us reach one thousand unique listeners, Danny and Michael welcome economics author and lecturer Jeffrey Tucker onto the Flagship to discuss “experimenting with” sports fandom, fascism in our midst, the election, and politics as a poison to our most dear relationships. Politics is Poison to the Human Spirit Foundation … Continue reading FF007: An Antidote for the Poison of Politics

FF006: Social Justice: The Post-Modern Religion?

In their most controversial episode yet, Danny and Michael arrive very late to the party to plumb the depths of the possibly well-intentioned, though likely intellectually faulty social justice movement and find they have very different opinions as to why the movement exists. Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals Washington and Lee Rape Case Professor Johnathan Haidt’s Where … Continue reading FF006: Social Justice: The Post-Modern Religion?

FF005: Property, Properly Put

“Property Boy” Danny and Michael plunge deeper into the fascinating world of Libertarian ethics and discover that everything is property rights. It is important to note that several leading philosophies have been proposed to solve the issue of property rights that we did not completely depict in this podcast episode. Locke substantiates his property claims … Continue reading FF005: Property, Properly Put

FF004: Lines in the Sand

Dan and Michael welcome Andy to the Flagship to discuss contemporary American Progressivism and by the end realize they’ve committed a humorous, yet fundamental debating error. We noticed that there is an unintentional clicking noise within the portions of the conversation in which Andy speaks; we’re not sure where this annoying aberration comes from but … Continue reading FF004: Lines in the Sand