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FF019: Your Political Spectrum Sucks

Danny and Michael discuss the failures of the single axis left-right spectrum to adequately map contemporary American politics. By introducing multi-dimensional mapping, the two believe the way Americans currently look at the nominal differences of left and right can be fundamentally altered to reflect real political differences. The distinction is as radical as B&W versus color! Nolan Chart … Continue reading FF019: Your Political Spectrum Sucks

FF018: The Racist Border Wars

Danny is back to join Michael and our guest, The Asian Capitalist, in a journey into the murky ethics of immigration from a Libertarian perspective. They also briefly touch upon nationalism and the possible dangers that it poses to a free society. The Asian Capitalist Blog Hoppe’s controlled border writings Singapore’s nanny state

FF017: We Can Protect You Better, Part II

Here is the conclusion of the remarkable conversation Michael has with Commander Dale Brown of Threat Management Center. In this episode, we talk about the common objections against private security, hear more fascinating personal anecdotes of Brown’s more than twenty years experience, and how we can change existing structures to follow more successful models such … Continue reading FF017: We Can Protect You Better, Part II

FF016: We Can Protect You Better, Part I

With Danny missing out on all the fun on a work-related excursion, Michael invites Commander Dale Brown of the Detroit-based Threat Management Center to have an in-depth conversation about how the private sector can revolutionize the way we look at protecting people, neighborhoods, and businesses. You won’t wanna miss this one. This is part one of … Continue reading FF016: We Can Protect You Better, Part I

FF015: A Bowl of Pho-losophy

Danny and Michael have a lively discussion with their new friend, The Pholosopher, on relationships, the immigrant experience, and Asians as the model minority. Please forgive the audio one more time for Michael. He was forced to use his computer audio rather than external mic. Everything will be peaches and cream next episode! Pholosopher’s Channel … Continue reading FF015: A Bowl of Pho-losophy

FF014: A Walk Down the Block

In a monstrous episode well worth your time, Michael and Danny play host to the prolific Anarcho-Capitalist thinker Professor Walter Block on a number of topics that you, our listener, sent in to us over the last couple weeks. From the internet to the roads, the military to education, we challenged you to come up … Continue reading FF014: A Walk Down the Block

FF013: Michael Challenges the Meme

John Q Public AKA Michael challenges Danny on the omnipresent, almost obnoxious internet meme, “Taxation is theft”, by throwing some of the most common and effective arguments at him. Does Danny rise to the challenge and defeat John Q’s malevolent onslaught? Join us to find out! John Rawls Best Taxation is Theft memes

FF012: Statist Bingo #1

Danny and Michael engage with the first barrage of frequently asked questions about a free society by tackling issues like poverty, human goodness, racism, monopolies, and more! If you have questions that you want to ask for the next Statist Bingo, you can bet we’re interested. Head to our contact page and email us your stumpers. … Continue reading FF012: Statist Bingo #1

F011: Decentralizing for Dummies

A bonus dialogue episode for our loyal listeners! Danny and Michael chat with a loyal FF listener named Evan about his research into the myriad potential applications of blockchain, the groovy new technology known most famously for the system behind bitcoin. This fantastic force of decentralization could mark a watershed moment for consumers, businesses, and advocates … Continue reading F011: Decentralizing for Dummies

FF010: Anarchists, the Life of the Party

With the holidays already here, Danny and Michael decide that they need a refresher course on how to not destroy a lively party with our radioactive ideas so we enlist the help of Jon Torres of Logical Anarchy to chat about “picking your battles” in the war of ideas. We recounting our most successful conversations, our worst failures, and … Continue reading FF010: Anarchists, the Life of the Party