FF014: A Walk Down the Block

In a monstrous episode well worth your time, Michael and Danny play host to the prolific Anarcho-Capitalist thinker Professor Walter Block on a number of topics that you, our listener, sent in to us over the last couple weeks. From the internet to the roads, the military to education, we challenged you to come up with services that should, could, or must be in the public sector and Professor Block provides us consistent rational as to why we should think twice when we ask the big G for help.

Please forgive Michael’s abysmal audio as his microphone malfunctioned for the duration of the interview.

  1. Privatization of Roads and Highways by Walter Block
  2. Dale Brown, Threat Management Center
  3. Private Arbitration Company – American Arbitration Association
  4. Nations By Consent by Rothbard
  5. Rothbard on the “warfare state”
  6. Hoppe on Immigration
  7. Truancy, the law
  8. Block on Education